• Will there be any damage done when lifting?

      We carefully lift the house and constantly monitor the reaction of the home to the lift. However we advise that new damage is always possible but not for certain. Many factors come in to play. We do not know if existing damages have been hidden, framing has been changed, how the house was constructed originally etc. Also every house reacts and displays damage differently on the exterior and interior. Framing can become bowed or warped and not allow everything to push back perfectly in place. Our goal is to get the foundation as level as possible without causing unnecessary damages.

    • What type of payment is accepted?
      We accept cash, credit, debit, checks, ACH/bank transfer. Credit & Debit cards incur a 3.5% processing fee.
    • How long does the job take to complete?

      Most jobs can be completed in 1 day but larger jobs may need need additional time to complete. The number of piers and weather play factors into knowing the time frame for sure. Our specialist will let you know the estimated time of job completion when giving the free estimate.

    • Do you offer a warranty?
      Level Check stands by the work performed by providing a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on all pressed piling jobs. Our polyurethane services come with a 5 year & 10 year warranty.
    • How much does foundation repair cost?
      Foundation repair prices vary per job with each job being different and requiring different attention. When our professionals come out to provide the free estimate he will assess what is necessary to complete the job and will provide a written copy with the cost of repairs after the assessment is completed. If no work is necessary, you will not be charged.
    • How much would an estimate cost?
      At Level Check we provide FREE no-obligation structural assessments for all our customers in the Houston area and surrounding cities, provided the home is 10 years or older and not under warranty.