Level Check Foundation Repair | Serving Houston & Surrounding Areas Since 1986

Get Your Slab In Check

We have served the area since 1986. Our industry leading tech and services have set us apart from Day 1. We are known for honest evaluations and amazing customer service. 

All jobs are manned with experienced employees who care for your home as if it were their home, as well as an onsite foreman to oversee the job. 

Our ground penetrating Radar, which is used to find grade beams, rebar, and detect voids, assures you we will find and address your foundation repairs. 

We offer Pressed Pilings, which comes with a lifetime transferrable warranty.

We utilize Deep Injections for soil stabilization and erosion prevention to ensure a stronger foundation on your home, along with Polyurethane Foam Injections for void filing and slab stabilization. This process can also be used to lift and elvel sidewalks, driveways, bridge easements and much more.

If you are experiencing foundation problems, don't hesitate to give the professionals at Level Check Foundation Repair a call. Get your slab in check, with Level Check.